The wine masterclasses presented by Rui are about different topics such as:

–  Wines of Portugal – what makes them special?

–  Madeira wines: Rui is a renown wine authority on Madeira wines and travels around the world to present to trade and press the specificities of this unique Portuguese wine. He’s Member of the Madeira Wine Brotherhood since 2016.

–  Port wines: as a leading expert about the subject, Rui presents masterclasses about the Douro region and more specifically this very special wine, its different categories and styles. He’s Member of the Port Wine Brotherhood since 2014.

–  Alentejo wines: this Portuguese region has been investing heavily in promoting itself abroad and has been using Rui’s experience and skills.


English is key when it comes to present a wine masterclass abroad – you need to make sure you are understood, your message is clear and you know how to create empathy with several and varied cultures.

Rui has been travelling to so many different countries such as the US, Canada, Brazil, Japan, South Korea and many European countries like the UK, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Poland, etc…


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