Wine is fashionable, and consumers are more and more demanding when it comes to service and wine information shared with them. Having a well-trained staff is now a major request to all those who have a direct contact with customers: hotels, restaurants, bars and wine bars, wine tourism units, etc…

Rui provides training sessions (different levels) to all your staff, bringing the international perspective that is so often overlooked.


On the other hand, wine is one of Portugal’s major assets when it comes to exports. And as a wine producer you will gain advantage in having an export team that is well-trained: they need to know how to taste wine of course, but they also need to put the wines they are selling into an international perspective and give potential buyers reasons to choose their wines.

Rui can help you organise specific training sessions and get your team absolutely ready to sell better and more.


Rui also provides communication and commercial strategy to businesses across the wine industry. His areas of expertise include: Media relations and communications support, media training for the wine trade, research projects in all areas related to wine like wine tourism and public speaking.


As a tailor-made service, please email Rui
with your needs to decide the best option for you.