Rui’s books collection is pretty impressive and his passion for reading classics has led him to be a passionate writer. He’s known for his very unique and bold style, fed by his natural curiosity, as well as his numerous travels and readings.

He’s known for his documented and direct style. In Portugal, he has often been the one pointing out the forgotten richness and value of some grapes, regions, styles of wines or even producers.


–  Público wine columnist – Portuguese leading national newspaper

–  Wine – Essência do Vinho wine writer – Portuguese wine magazine (Consumers and Trade)

Collaboration in several international media (wine and lifestyle)

–  Wine reviews – This is how Rui has started his career in wine with two colleagues and it is still completely part of his job to review wines from all over the world

–  Book author – Rui has published 5 wine guides (2008-2012) and is the co-author of 4 others. He has also written a collection of 11 books about Portuguese wine regions, and is the co-author of a food and wine pairing book.