Education is one of Rui’s areas of expertise and what took him to travel around the world spreading the word about his various areas of knowledge. Several regional, national and marketing promotional bodies have been benefiting from his services in this specific area. Rui’s communication skills are notable and he surely knows how to lift up an audience, talking about ‘the’ story that will make people interested and focused. His message is clear, marketing oriented with a necessary touch of humour.

His English and Spanish skills are proficient and a huge and necessary added-value when you need to be specific and explain details to an audience.


One big advantage with Rui is that, in his presentations, he’s able to put wines into an international perspective, understanding about the several aspects that need to be noted when tasting and presenting: cultural differences, commercial views, communication and marketing strategies, etc…

His international experience allows him to talk clearly about the Unique Selling Points (USPs) of the wines, regions or even the country he’s presenting. Used as a Wine Ambassador by Wines of Portugal, he travels around the world sharing his knowledge and passion and all the stories he’s been collecting over the years visiting producers and wine regions.