Rui Falcão is a wine expert and critic based in Portugal and spreading the word about Portuguese wines. His extensive international knowledge is a major added-value: it allows him to put everything in a different and unique perspective.

His passion for wines dates from mid 90’s and led him to make one of his biggest decisions in life: he switched his successful career as a computer engineer in a US company to become a full-time wine critic in the early 00’s.


This huge decision wasn’t obviously made just like that and it all started with one of the first Portuguese wine forums, Os5às8 with 2 other friends. Together they started writing a wine guide, completely independent and based on wines they were buying themselves from the shelf to taste and rate. Rui clearly has developed his passion to write and specifically to write about wines and when the group ended, he was challenged to write his own wine guide, what he did for 5 years.


Rui’s areas of expertise are varied and key when it comes to the wine business: wine education of consumers and trade, wine consultancy, wine reviewing but also writing about strategic topics. In all these areas Rui always keeps in mind the importance of communication, the way his message (or his client’s message) is delivered.